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Lesson Plan

Lessons planning means the planning of a daily lesson related to a particular unit of a subject to be covered by the teacher in a specific school period for the realization of some stipulated instructional objectives.

It works as a guide for teachers that what needs to be taught and how to taught to achieve the objective in a prescribed time period.

Lesson plan includes setting objectives, finalizing materials, planning methods of teaching and finally assessment tools.

Lesson planning is divided into following parts

Preliminary Information

In preliminary information teacher gathers the information about the level of students, study material, duration of lecture etc.

Aims and Objectives

Teacher sets the objectives that what needs to be inculcate in children. What are the short term and long term objectives. What kind of behavioral change we want to see in the children.

Teaching aid

Teacher plans the teaching aids to be used during the class activity. According to the lesson teacher choose the appropriate aids that can be used for effective teaching like audio or visual aids.

Previous knowledge testing

After deciding the objectives and teaching material teacher plans the activity to check the previous knowledge of students. Previous knowledge testing helps the teacher to understand the level of students that from where teacher has to start and where more attention needs to be given.


After checking the previous knowledge of the students, teacher introduce the topic which she is going to teach in the classroom.


a) Method of Teaching

Now teacher decides the method of teaching . Teacher can use various methods like lecture method, debate, co-operative learning, constructive method etc.

b) Matter to be taught

Teacher selects the various material related to the topic which she can use while teaching the students. She can use the text books, E-books, chart papers, slides etc

c) Black Board work

Teacher uses the black board to explain the concepts to the students. Blackboard helps in elaborating the concepts, giving notes, making diagrams etc.


Teacher explain the generalization to the students. Generalization is based on the facts, statements, formulas or findings derived from the matter taught to students.


During the application process teacher gives some assignment to students related to the topic. Assignments or Homework helps in enhancing the application skills of students.


In Recapitulation process teacher revise the whole process in a nut shell. Revising the process helps in memorizing the concept and clearing the doubts of the students.

Self evaluation

In self evaluation teacher can give the opportunity to students to evaluate themselves by checking their mistakes.

Lesson plan on Life Science

Subject: Life Science                                 


Topic: Parts of a flower and functions     


Duration: 40 minutes


General Aims:

1) To develop scientific method of working and scientific attitude in the students

2) To give knowledge of biological things to the students.

3) To develop interest of students in natural things.

4) To develop skills in handling of apparatus and making observations.

Specific Objective

To give students the knowledge of parts of typical flower and their importance

Teaching Aids

a) General: Black board, Chalk, duster and pointer.

b) Specific: Flowers, slides, dissecting microscope, needles, watch glasses, petri dishes etc

Previous knowledge testing

Name some plants that you have seen.

Name the important parts of a flowering plant.


Colored part of a flower is called?

Which part of the flower is attached to the stem?

Announcement of topic

Today we will be discussing about the various parts of a flower and their functions.


Subject MatterTeacher Activity Student ActAid
What is flower    Describe the definition of flower          Listen carefullyDraw on BB
With which part is the flower attached to stem       Describe the part of the flower attached with stem               Listen and writeWrite on BB or use some model


Describe the crux of whole process, like a typical flower has four whorls, calyx, corolla, androecium and gynaecium which are formed of sepals, petals, stamens and carpels in a respective manner.


What is a flower?

What are the various parts of flower?

What are the functions of various parts of plants?


Draw a labeled diagram of a flower and describe its parts.

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