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Essential Exams for Admission to US Universities 2024

Embarking on the academic journey in the United States is a dream for many international students, with over a million realizing this dream annually. Boasting more than 4,300 higher education institutions, the USA stands as a beacon for world-class education, flexible academic systems, exceptional facilities, and remarkable post-study opportunities. However, this journey involves navigating a complex web of standardized tests and English language proficiency assessments. In this in-depth guide, we’ll delve into the essential exams for Admission to US Universities, eligibility criteria, and tips for international students aspiring to pursue higher education in the USA.

Exams required to study in USA

Understanding English Language Proficiency Requirements

1. TOEFL: Unveiling the Spectrum of English Proficiency

TOEFL, or the Test of English as a Foreign Language, stands as a critical benchmark for international students proving their English proficiency. Ranging from 65 to 85 for internet-based tests, TOEFL scores hold varying requirements across different programs.

Exam duration2 hours, 30 minutes
Exam fees$255
Number of SectionsSpeaking, reading, writing, & listening
Qualifying score600 to 900
Who should apply for TOEFLStudents aiming to enroll in best universities of the USA

2. IELTS: Beyond Borders, A Global Benchmark for Language Proficiency

IELTS, embraced by nearly 3,400 US colleges and universities, is a globally accepted English proficiency test. With a score range generally between 6.5 to 9, international students find IELTS an accessible and cost-effective option compared to other tests.

Exam duration2 hours, 45 minutes
Exam feesINR 16,500
Number of SectionsSpeaking, Reading, Writing, & Listening
Qualifying score6.0 to 8.0
Who should apply for IELTSStudents aiming to enroll in best universities of the USA

3. PTE: Rising Star Among US Universities

PTE, or Pearson Test of English, has gained traction among US universities. With around 785 institutions accepting PTE scores, it offers flexibility with a minimum score requirement of 70, varying based on the course level.

Exam duration3 hours
Exam fees$235 
Number of SectionsSpeaking, Reading, Writing, & Listening
Qualifying score600 to 900
Who should apply for PTEStudents aiming to enroll in best US universities

4. Duolingo: A Multifaceted Language Tool

Duolingo serves not only as a test but also as a learning tool, aiding international students in enhancing their English language skills through various exercises, including listening exercises, multiple-choice questions, sentences, phrases, and flashcards.

Exams for Undergraduate Programs

5. SAT: Deciphering the Complexities of Undergraduate Admissions

SAT scores play a pivotal role in undergraduate admissions, with a minimum requirement of 1300 for most universities. However, prestigious institutes like Harvard may demand a higher score, making SAT preparation crucial for aspiring undergraduates.

Exam duration3 hours, 50 minutes (writing included)
Exam fees$60
Number of SectionsReading, Writing and Language, Mathematics
Qualifying score1200-1600
Who should apply for the SATHigh school graduates applying for UG courses, strong problem-solving capability 

6. ACT: A Holistic Assessment of Aptitude

ACT serves as an alternative to SAT, assessing a candidate’s skills in aptitude, analytics, and academic prowess. Choosing between SAT and ACT depends on individual strengths and preferences.

Exams for Graduate Programs

7. GRE: Gateway to the Diverse Realm of Graduate Education

GRE, or the Graduate Record Examination, is a common requirement for MS courses in the USA. With a minimum overall score of 320 for top universities, GRE opens doors to various fields, including business administration and engineering.

Type of testGeneral test and Subject test
SectionsAnalytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning
Score 160
Test DurationGeneral- 3 hours, 45 minutesSubject- 2 hours, 50 minutes
Who can take the testStudents aiming to take admission in MBA, MS, and law etc.
Exam feesGeneral-$220Subject- $150

8. LSAT: The Unraveling Path to Law School Admissions

LSAT, essential for law school admissions, holds significant weightage, with a score above 160 often required by top 25 law schools.

Exam duration2 hours, 20 minutes
Exam fees$222 ( includes writing)
Number of sectionsAnalytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning I, Logical Reasoning II, and Reading Comprehension.
Qualifying score150-160
Who should apply for LSATStudents aiming to enroll in law schools

9. MCAT: The Crucial Stepping Stone to Medical Schools

For aspiring medical students, MCAT, or the Medical College Admission Test, is a prerequisite, demanding a minimum average score of 510.

Exam duration7 hours, 30 minutes
Exam fees$330
Number of SectionsBiological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems.Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems.Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behaviour.Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills
Qualifying score500-650
Who should apply for MCATStudents aiming to enroll in medical schools

10. GMAT: The Pinnacle for Business School Aspirants

GMAT is a standard requirement for admission to business schools in the USA, with an average score of 700 accepted by universities. MBA graduates may need to present their GMAT scores while job hunting.

Exam duration3 hours, 07 minutes (excluding two 8-minute breaks)
Exam fees$275
Number of SectionsIntegrated Reasoning, verbal Reasoning, quantitative Reasoning writing
Qualifying score650-700
Who should apply for GMATStudents enrolling for MBA

Specialized Tests for Unique Programs

11. DAT: Unlocking the Gates to Dental School Admissions

Dental school hopefuls must conquer the Dental Admission Test (DAT), with a score range between 12-28 for acceptance.

12. OAT: Paving the Way to Optometry Schools

OAT, or Optometry Admission Test, is a prerequisite for aspiring optometrists, with a minimum acceptable score of around 310.

Choosing Between GRE and GMAT for MBA

13. GRE vs. GMAT: The Strategic Decision-Making Dilemma

The dilemma of choosing between GRE and GMAT for MBA admissions is prevalent. While GRE is accepted across various courses, many business schools now consider it an alternative to GMAT.

Pro Tips for International Students

14. Beyond Test Scores: Strengthening Your Academic Profile

Scoring well in exams is crucial, but international students must also focus on other aspects, such as building a robust academic profile to enhance their chances of admission.

15. Researching Universities: A Prerequisite for Informed Choices

Thoroughly researching the specific exams accepted by the chosen university, along with deadlines and score requirements, is imperative for a successful application.

Embarking on a journey to study in the USA involves meticulous planning and decision-making, especially when it comes to choosing the right standardized tests. From English language proficiency assessments to specialized exams for unique programs, international students must navigate this maze to secure admission to their desired institutions. By understanding the requirements and nuances of each test, aspirants can confidently take the first step toward achieving their academic goals in the USA.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is there a universal English language proficiency test for studying in the USA?

A: While TOEFL is widely accepted, many universities also recognize IELTS and PTE scores.

Q: Can I submit both SAT and ACT scores for undergraduate admissions?

A: Generally, universities accept either SAT or ACT scores, so choose the test that aligns with your strengths.

Q: Are there any universities in the USA that do not require standardized test scores?

A: Some universities offer test-optional admissions, but it’s essential to check specific requirements for each institution.

Q: Can international students request test score waivers?

A: Some universities may offer waivers based on a candidate’s undergraduate GPA or work experience.

Q: What if a university I want to apply to accepts both GRE and GMAT scores?

A: Consider your strengths and the specific requirements of your desired program to make an informed choice.

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