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Here we have uploaded the free E books available for B.Ed 1st year and 2nd year subjects.

Apart from my videos and notes we have gathered some free E books for you for vast information.

These are of different universities, but you can refer these books as topics are almost same in all the universities. So the more you read the more better understanding you will get.

So keep on reading as much as you can.

Happy Reading!!

Free E Books

Childhood and Growing Up Free E Book

Childhood and Growing Up Free Ebook

Contemporary India and Education Free E book

Contemporary India and Education Free Ebook

Learning and Teaching Free E book

Learning and Teaching Free Ebook

Gender School and Society

Assessment for Learning Free E Book

Assessment for Learning Free Ebook

Creating an Inclusive School Free E book

Creating an Inclusive School Free Ebook

Knowledge and Curriculum Free E Book

Knowledge and Curriculum Free Ebook

Language across the curriculum PDF

B.Ed Notes PDF download

Pedagogy of English

Grammar-Translation Method & Direct Method

Communicative Approach & Cooperative Learning

Multilingual and Bilingual Method

Audio Visual Aids or Instructional Aids

Aims & Objectives of Teaching English

Characteristics and Principles of Language

Functions of Language

Importance of English Language

Creating an Inclusive School

Inclusive Education Characteristics & Needs

What is PWD Act 1996 / Persons with Disabilities Act 1996 – B.Ed NotesWhat is PWD Act 1996

DDRC – District Disability rehabilitation Centre

Segregated Education – Aims/ Characteristics/ Principle

Visual impairment – Causes and Characteristics