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B.Ed 1st year Practical files & Viva Important questions

B.Ed 1st year practical’s plays very important role if you want to score high in your B.Ed exams. There are usually four files in B.Ed 1st year which students has to make. On the basis of practical files and viva, student receive marks.

Generally Viva is based on the practical files which students make and the importance topics they have studies in B.Ed 1st year.

Here we will explain about each practical file in detail and all the importance questions related to viva.

Names of Practical files that has to be prepare in B.Ed 1st year

1. Reading and Reflecting on Texts

2. Understanding the self

3. Critical Understanding of ICT

4. Drama and Art in Education

Reading and Reflecting on Texts

In Reading and reflecting on text students have to write in details about the below topics

What is language?

A language is a system of communication which consists of a set of sounds and written symbols which are used by the people for expressing, talking or writing

Parts of Language

 There are four main components of language – phonology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics

Functions of Language

There are three important functions of language

a ) Expressive Function

b) Informative Function

c) Directive Function

Importance of Language

Language is a vehicle

Language is learnt

Language is a system

Language is a system of systems

Language is arbitrary

Language is vocal

Language is unique

Language is ever changing

Next important topics is reading and writing

Write in detail about below topics

Reading Skill

Reading skills is the ability of an individual to read, comprehend and interpret written or printed symbols.

Types of Reading Skill : Skimming, Scanning, Extensive or Intensive Reading


Prose is any written or spoken language which follows proper grammar


Poetry is a type of literature based on the interplay of words and rhythm.

Stages of Reading

Writing Skill

Writing stages

Types of error

Some of the common Questions that can be asked in Viva on Practical file “Reading and Reflecting on Text

What is languange?

What is the importance of language in our life?

How can you help in improving the reading or writing skills of students?

What are the stages of reading and writing?

What is Prose and Poetry ?

Understanding the self

Second practical file is Understanding the self.

Main topics that has to be covered in Understanding the self are

Meaning of Self

Self Esteem

Personality Development

Communication skill

Soft Skill

Locus of Control

Stress Management

Techniques of relaxation: Yoga, Mediattion

Some of the common questions that are usually asked from this practical file are

How do you help in improving the personality of students?

How do you improve the communication skill of students?

How do you teach stress management to students?

Critical Understanding of ICT

Information and communications technology refers to all communication technologies, including the internet, wireless networks, cell phones, computers, software, video-conferencing, social networking, and other media applications and services

Some of the important topics to be covered in this file are:

Importance of ICT

Classification of Computer

Application of Computer

Input Devices

Output Devices

Internet use in education

Basic Questions

What is ICT

How ICT helps in education?

What are input and output devices?

Name different modes of ICT in education  -computers, tablet computers, audio players, projector devices, Ebooks, Kindle

Drama and Art in Education

For the overall development of children there is need of drama and art along with other subjects. Drama and art teaches students life skills and imparts problem solving skills, team management, leadership, cooperation and enhance the personality of students.

Meaning of Art

Art is various form of human activity which involves creative or imaginative form of expression in the form of visual, audio or performed art. It can be in the form of painting, sculpture, literature, dance, drama, music etc.


Aesthetic is a branch of philosophy that deals with the beauty and taste of anything be it in nature or in any person, living or non living thing. It studies how humans react or think when they see any beautiful object, thing or environment.

Drama and dance

Drama is a composition in the form of prose or any story which is represented in the form of dialogues by the actors performed on a stage or for a film or radio.

Dance is the movement of body in rhythm or in a sequenced form usually done on music to express certain forms of expression or just to be fit.

Various forms of drama and dance

Electronic Art

Electronic art is a wide term that includes the use computer technology in enhancing the art to the next level such as computer graphics, 3d or 4d technology, animation, sound and light effects etc.

Media Art

Media art is the form of art through which people can express their feeling to others like photography, songs, movies, drama etc

Basic Question

How many types of Drama and Dance are there

What is the importance of Drama and art in education?

What is the benefit of using drama and art in education?

Miscellaneous Questions

What is Micro Teaching?

Define Lesson Plan ?

What is full form of CCE and its meaning?

What is Evaluation And Assessment or difference between both?

What are Learning difficulties?

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