Group Dynamics/ Assessment for Learning


¢Groups are two or more number of people associate with each other for a particular cause or task.


¢Forces or processes that produce change inside a group or system.

Group Dynamics

¢Group Dynamics is the study of group functioning.

¢It concerns with how groups are formed and how the behavior and attitudes of individual in groups impact the behavior and thinking of other individuals to the extent that important changes takes place.

¢It is concerned with the interactions and forces operating between groups.

Definition of Group Dynamics

¢According to Lewin, Group Dynamics means those forces of a group and influences especially of small groups, with the help of which the behavior of the members changes in a definite direction.

¢According to Fisher, “Group dynamics is area of study focusing on the social forces or pressures that affect the behavior of the individual in small groups.

Characteristics of Group Dynamics

¢Like an individual, behavior of the group as a whole also changes with time according to the conditions or situations.

¢Group interactions between members influence the changes in the group.

¢Common motive : A group is formed and operated because of common or shared motives.

¢Common perception : Changes can be implemented in the group by creating a common perception in the minds of the members regarding the need for change.

¢Continuous Process : Interactions and changes in the group are continuous.

Factors affecting Group Dynamics

¢Individual & Group Goal : All the members of a group work together to achieve goal of the group.

¢Imitation : Imitation compels the members to work in groups and by imitating group members learnt the better of doing the work to reach their goals.

¢Suggestions : Suggestion allows all the members of the group to think simultaneously and affects the group behavior.

¢Sympathy : Sympathy awakes the group feeling and affect the group behavior.

Importance of group dynamics in education

¢Group Consciousness : Teachers should keep their students alert for their duties. The students develop sense that they all are members of school and they have some duties and rights.

¢Students learn the habit of working in groups by discussion, seminar workshops etc.

¢Teaching of Aesthetic subjects : The subjects like music, poetry, drama, craft etc should be taught in groups.

¢It teaches how to work in synergy and positively.

¢The group can also bring team spirit among the members.

¢Festival Celebrations : Celebrations of religious and national festivals develop respect among the students for all religions and develop a sense of national integration.

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