Curriculum as a process – Knowledge and Curriculum

¢The curriculum process is a systematic and organized way in which what will be taught , who will be taught and how it will be taught. Each component affects and interacts with other components.

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¢The essential considerations for curriculum development are:

¢Issue/ Problem/ need is identified

¢Characteristics and needs of learners.

¢Changes intended for learners.

¢The important and relevant content

¢Methods to accomplish intended outcomes Evaluation strategies 

Process of Curriculum Development

¢Situational Analysis: Some important facts and figures must be established first before developing the curriculum. This is done through

¢Baseline surveys or needs assessment.

¢Infrastructure at schools, statistics, and activities of the schools.

¢Community needs

¢Challenges in setting curriculum including economic, social and political context.

¢Needs of improvement in present curriculum

¢Resources available and what is required.

Formulating Objectives

¢Educational Objectives become the criteria for selecting materials, content, instructional methods, evaluation.

¢It help our planners to develop purposeful instructional programmes.                                

¢ Objectives helps, guide the educational process.

¢Curriculum should fulfill the desired objectives like what skills, knowledge, values they should develop.

¢While making objectives we should consider

¢Needs of society

¢Needs of teacher and learner

¢Educational philosophy of a country

¢Government educational policy

¢Teaching force available

¢ Target Population

¢National values


¢To achieve the above objectives a environment should be created which gives maximum learning experience.

¢Knowledge and skills should be related to real world.

¢Learning experience should allow students to develop their thinking skills and rational powers.

¢It should enhance students understanding and an openness to new experiences.

¢It should make students a continuous learner.

¢It should help in total development of students in cognitive, affective, psychomotor, social and spiritual domains.


¢Curriculum content are facts, ideas, concepts and skills that are presented, discussed and involved in the course.

¢Content should be selected according to the predetermined objectives.

¢Content should be prioritize which is basically needed in specific circumstance.

¢It should be properly balanced and complete which cater all three domains psychomotor, cognitive and effective.

¢Sequence should be proper like simple to complex and spiraled. ¢It should be valid, useful, interesting, practical & learnable.

¢It should meet philosophical, psychological, sociological needs.

¢Curriculum should in chronicle order like selecting, sequencing, organizing in proper order

Curriculum Development cyclic process

¢Curriculum development and delivery is a cyclic process.. It involves

¢Identifying learning needs

¢Assessing the audience

¢Developing goals

¢Selecting content

¢Selecting method and aids ¢Learning experience and implementation process ¢Evaluate Revise


¢This entire process is evaluation oriented.

¢The assessment is done on the basis of learning outcomes.

¢This helps in making the adjustment on the part of curriculum or teaching methodology.

¢Assessment becomes the basis of new curriculum design.

¢We can make changes in curriculum content, design, implementation, evaluation.

¢Also if there is any need to make changes in goals and objectives , they could also be revised.

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