Audio Visual Aids or Instructional Aids

To make teaching process more effective we use Instructional Aids.

Instructional materials are the devices which make the process of teaching-learning more effective and meaningful.

Instructional Aids are Audio-Visual Aids with the help of which we teach students by showing them certain models or some Audio material.

Audio-Visual aids are those things that appeal to our senses of both hearing and seeing. Audio-Visual materials are those sensory objects or images which initiate, stimulate and reinforce learning

Types of Aids

Visual Aids    

The aids which use the sense of vision are called visual aids. For eg. picture, models, charts, maps, chalk board, slides, any object

Audio Aids

The aids which involves the sense of hearing are called audio aids. For example radio, tape recorder, audio CD player

Audio-Visual Aids

The aids which affect both the sense of vision and sense of hearing are called audio-visual aids. For eg : television, film projector, Internet

Importance of Audio-Visual Aids

  • Helpful in creating interest.
  • It provides clear image of the concept. ¢It makes learning more permanent.
  • Stimulate the development of understanding and attitudes.
  • They provide experience not easily obtained through other materials and contribute to the efficiency, depth and variety of learning.
  • It motivates the students and arouse their feelings of curiosity.
  • Use of A.V. aids develops the power of imagination as well as the power of reasoning.
  • A.V. aids save the time and energy of the students as they learn more quickly.
  • It offers a reality of experience which stimulate self activity on the part of pupil.

Characteristics of Good Audio-Visual Aid

  • They should be meaningful and purposeful.
  • They should be accurate in every respect.
  • They should be simple.
  • They should be cheap.
  • As for as possible, they should be improvised.
  • They should be large enough to be properly seen by the students for whom they are meant.
  • They should be up to date.
  • They should be easily portable.

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