While teaching English to students teachers set some Aims & Objectives. These aims & objectives has to achieved at the end of completion of any topic or syllabus.

Aims of Teaching English

Below are the aims of teaching English

  • To enable the students to understand English when spoken.

Students must understand the meaning of words in English while talking with someone or reading or writing. Without meaning there is no use of any language.

  • To enable them to speak English.

Students must be able to speak English with correct vocabulary & grammar. And they should be to speak without any hesitation with full confidence.

  • To enable them to read English.

Students must be able to read English with correct pronunciation and punctuation.

  • To enable them to write English.

Lastly students should be capable enough to write in English on any topic with correct tenses & grammar.

We can also classify Aims into two parts as

1. Reception

Reception means what we acquire after learning English like while listening we acquire new vocabulary, correct pronunciation and learn how to speak correctly.

Reception Aims is divided into parts.

A. Listening

B. Silent Reading


     A child learns language when he listens from his mother. And if you are learning a foreign language than a lot of listening practice is required. So listening is very important in learning a language

Silent Reading

     In silent reading a student should read the matter silently with proper understanding. He should practice silent reading so that he acquire good speed of reading with understanding.

2. Expression

Expression means expressing your thoughts & feelings in English with correct use of language.

Expression is further divided into two parts.

A. Speaking

B. Loud Reading

C. Writing


         The student should be able to speak well in English. For this teachers should also speak correct English with proper pronunciation so that students listen well and learn correct English.

Loud Reading

          Loud reading is also a mode of expression. Loud reading training should be given to students with proper pronunciation. Students are asked to do loud reading it will help them in making right pronunciation and with fluency.


   Writing is also a form of expression. Writing skill is very important to express in correct English. Proper training should be given to the students for this.

Aims of Teaching English at Junior level

  • Make simple sentences in English
  • Speak with proper pronunciation.
  • Write English using proper pronunciation, capitals with correct spelling.
  • Acquire reading ability.
  • Respond to short questions.
  • Understand English when spoken.
  • Use English to respond to calls, requests, greetings etc.

Aims of Teaching English at Senior Level

  • At the end of secondary stage student should be able to speak English fluently. He should think in English and speak with ease.
  • He should know a good amount of vocabulary, idioms and phrases.
  • He should also able to understand the native speakers and also be able to respond to them.
  • He should be able compose freely.
  • He should be able to use resource material e.g. dictionaries, reference books.

Objectives of Teaching English

Objectives in English Medium School

 In nursery to 1st class much importance is given to listening and speaking. While reading and writing doest not given much importance.

From 2nd class listening speaking loud reading and writing short sentences should be given importance.

And from 5th class onwards all four aspects should given equal importance including silent reading.

Objectives in Hindi Medium School

In these types of school English is introduced at 6th class.

In the beginning listening, speaking and loud reading should be given importance and after 2 years all four skills should be given equal importance.

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