Multilingual and Bilingual Method/ Pedagogy of English

Multilingual Method

India is a multilingual country.

Multilingual approach of teaching is used in which teacher takes care of multi languages (more than 2)

A teacher 1st emphasison one language and then bridges it to second language.

Teacher explains the students doubt in multi language in which they are more comfortable.

The school gives full attention and caring attitude towards all children irrespective of their cultural and lingual background and encourages all children to excel. Three language formula has applied in the schools to teach three languages including Hindi English and a third language

Merits of Multilingual Method

¢Multilingual approach supports students ability to transfer the literacy skills  acquired in one language to subsequent languages.

¢By this approach a significant increase in students language knowledge.

¢It develops oral language patterns.

¢It builds vocabulary recall.

¢It helps in awareness of sounds and systematic phonics.

¢Diversity in the classroom is respected.

¢Children home cultures and languages are used as literacy resources.

Bilingual Method

Bilingual method means a method where two language i.e. the mother tongue and the target language are used.

This method was given by C.J Dodson.

In this mother tongue is used for supporting the learning of the target language.

In this mother tongue is only used to explain the meanings of words, phrases, idioms, sentences and grammatical rules

¢In this only teacher uses the mother tongue for explaining the meaning of different word, when he feels that students are feeling difficulty in understanding them in English.

It is only used in early stages

Merits of Bilingual

¢It ensures clear understanding.

¢It ensures fluency. In this method students are given much practice in sentence patterns and make students more fluent in speaking English.

¢It saves time. In this method the teachers time is saved in creating a situation to clear the meanings of difficult words in English.

¢It is easy for teacher to teach the difficult words in mother tongue rather then explaining in English.

¢This method is less costly because this method does not need special facilities or equipment.

Demerits of Bilingual and Multilingual

¢A teacher may not be good in multi language.

¢Some students in the class may be more attentive to mother-tongue and less attentive to English.

¢Some students got confuse and mix different languages together.

¢The use of mother tongue during teaching spoils the continuity and fluency of target language.

¢This method is useful only at lower stages but not beneficial at higher secondary stages.

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