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Characteristics and Principles of Language

Language is a vehicle

Language is a means for communicating ideas, thoughts, feelings, experiences and emotions. It helps in reaching out to the people who are living far away. Practically it is not possible to reach them physically in short span of time so language is said to be a vehicle.

Language is learnt

 Language is learnt gradually from childhood. When a child is born he doesn’t know any language but gradually through their parents by imitating them he starts learning language. So it is acquired by the child by putting in lot of efforts.

Language is a system

Every language has its own unique system. Each language has three elements Sounds, Words and Structure.

    Combination of sounds gives us words which are arranged meaningfully in order to convey a thought, feelings etc. So we can say that language is systematic.

Language is a system of symbols

Different words used in a language are the symbols. Every thing has certain symbol or certain name through which we recognize it. If the speaker or the listener understand the meaning of symbol then only the language can function properly.

Language is arbitrary

Symbols of language is arbitrary means there is no visual relationship between the language item and the object for which it stands. Symbols or words are not based on any logical or scientific principles. Eg: A table is called table since its origin and there is no logic behind it.

Language is vocal

Every language has its own unique words or symbols. And every word is vocal. There is no language which does not exist in vocal form.

Language is unique

Each language is unique because of its own style and vocabulary. Due to different geographical and cultural diversities every language is different from other.

Language is ever changing

No language on this earth is static. Every language is supposed to undergo  a change with the passage of time. There are certain addition of vocabularies due to new technologies, new experiences, new products, and it require new words. There is change in the language due to change in needs and living style of people.

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