Importance of English Language

Importance of English Language

Definition of Language

Language is a structured system of communication. Words and the methods of combining them for expression of thoughts. A language is a system of communication which consists of a set of sounds and written symbols which are used by the people of a particular country or region for talking or writing

Importance of English Language

A Link Language

    English helps in making a link between people of different regions and cultures.

International Importance

English is said to be a universal language. To connect with different countries for international trade, science and technology,  business meetings, or for any kind of communication, English is very important.

Educational Importance

Without English  higher education in science, medicine, engineering etc can not be got.  Study material in all these subjects is available in English only.

Cultural Importance

   English helps to bring people of diverse cultures closer to each other. It helps in better understanding and participation in different cultures.

English at administrative level

   English is used at all administrative levels in state as well as centre. English is allowed to be used in official purposes such as parliamentary proceedings, judiciary, communications.

English in our social life

   English is also playing a important role in the social life of Indians. Mostly when we go out for a party or a business meeting or a social get together people use English for communication

English Opens New Career Opportunities

   English can help you pursue and obtain more career opportunities. These days, the job market is global—many companies need employees who can communicate with partners and clients all over the world.

English Is the Top Language of the Internet

    English is the most-used language online, with nearly 1 billion users typing and chatting in the language. If you can understand and read English, you’ll be able to access and enjoy many more resources online.

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