¢This method considered to be a classical method of teaching English

¢The philosophy behind this method is that the foreign language can be taught or learn through translation.

¢Here each phrase or sentence of English is taught by translating it into mother tongue

¢The Grammar-Translation Method instructs students in grammar and provides vocabulary with direct translations to memorize. ¢It emphasizes the study and translation of the written language, as it is considered superior to spoken language

Advantages of Grammar Translation Method

¢ It is an easy method: In this method the child proceeds from the known to unknown.

¢It helps in building vocabulary:  Translation method helps in the rapid expansion of vocabulary of the Students get the exact meanings of words.

¢ It saves teacher’s labor: The teacher finds it very easy to prepare his lesson. He has not to think of the ways and means to explain new words.

¢Comprehension is easily tested:  Students’ comprehension of English, especially at the early stages can be easily tested by asking them to answer questions in the mother tongue.

¢Grammar is easily taught: Grammar of the foreign language is easily taught by comparing it with the grammar of the mother tongue.

Disadvantages of Grammar Translation Method

¢It is an unnatural method: In the translation method, the teacher starts teaching English to the students by teaching them reading first. The natural order of learning a language is listening, speaking, reading and writing.

¢It neglects speech: Translation method neglects speech no much attention is paid to oral work or drill work in this method.

¢It neglects pattern practice: There is no pattern practice in the translation method. The result is that students aren’t able to speak English correctly.

¢It ignores habit formation:  Because of its neglect of speech and pattern practice. Translation method ignores habit formation. The child never acquires the habit to think in English

¢Exact translation is not possible. ¢It makes the student a passive listener.

¢It is uninteresting

Direct Method

¢Direct method of teaching means teaching directly using target language.

¢A teacher doesn’t use the mother tongue in the class. Nor are the students allowed to use it. ¢Here, the unit of speech is a sentence. There is the emphasis on speaking the complete sentences.

¢This method emphasizes on oral practice for everyone.

¢This method doesn’t put emphasis on theoretical grammar. The main stress is on functional grammar.

¢he teachers teach words by pointing to object or picture or by performing actions

Advantages of Direct Method

¢The focus is on Oral Practice. Therefore, the pronunciation improves.

¢As there is direct relation between thought and expression, it helps the learners in having good fluency.

¢Using direct method, a teacher helps students having good command over English

¢It makes the teaching English easier and more pleasant. A teacher uses various images/ pictures to illustrates his/her point.

¢As the unit of speech in Direct Method is a sentence, students learn to speak complete sentences without any hesitation

Disadvantages of Direct Method

¢It emphasis on oral practice, the other skills namely reading and writing are ignored to a great extent.

¢It ignores the teaching of grammar.

¢Average and below average students, especially from rural background, find difficulty to grasp the things taught via this method.

¢This is an expensive method as the teacher is to use some aids for teaching.

¢For this method, competent teachers must be there. ¢In the early stage of learning, this method is sometimes unsuccessful.

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